Maintaining Muscle Health in Winter
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Maintaining Muscle Health in Winter

Exercising in Winter

Maintaining Muscle Health in Winter

The cold winter months can make exercise and maintaining muscle health a challenge. Many people become more sedentary during this season to keep warm and comfy at home. However, it is important to keep maintaining muscle health in winter to prevent muscle tightness or injury.


Why do my muscles feel so tight/sore during winter?

Cold weather causes muscle contraction. As the temperature drops, the muscles in the body lose heat, leading them to contract and become tight.

The winter months can also affect people in different ways ­– from losing motivation to exercise, lack of sunlight and vitamin D, and combating winter viruses/illnesses – all of which contribute to tightness in the muscles.


What can I do?

Our bodies need a longer warm-up period in winter. Top tips to maintain muscle health include:

  • Movement and exercise. Whilst it may be too cold to go on your usual outdoor walk, movement and exercise can also be done indoors. This may include yoga, stretching, indoor gym facilities, or your local indoor heated pool.
  • Wear thermal compression garments. The cold weather may aggravate arthritis and other existing muscle stiffness. Wearing thermal compression assist the body to keep warm and avoid painful muscles and joints.
  • Use a heat pack or hot water bottle on sore muscles. Regular application of a heat pack over affected muscles and joints for 15 minutes several times a day can help reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Myotherapy and remedial massage. Tightness of the lower back, neck and shoulders are common in winter and can impact sleep and stress levels. Releasing tension through manual therapy can be a beneficial way to combat muscle tightness.



At Western Myotherapy, our friendly, qualified therapists can assist you with pain relief all year long. If you find that you are struggling with muscle stiffness this winter, book your appointment here online or by calling at (03) 8001 2042.

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