What To Expect For Your First Myotherapy Appointment
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What To Expect For Your First Myotherapy Appointment

What To Expect For Your First Myotherapy Appointment

Myotherapy treatments are becoming an increasingly popular treatment for addressing muscle and joint issues. But what exactly can you expect if it’s your first time having a myotherapy treatment?


First off, your therapist will take the time to discuss your presenting symptoms and listen to you explain any previous experiences. You may also be asked to perform specific movements so the therapist can assess any areas of pain or tightness. The therapist will then conduct a detailed physical examination to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. Furthermore, your therapist will develop a tailored plan for recovery.

Your myotherapy treatment plan may include:

  • hands-on techniques such as massage, mobilisation and stretching
  • dry needling and cupping
  • depending on the presentation of your condition, other forms of therapeutic intervention such as personalised exercise programs

Your therapist will use their expertise and experience to determine which treatments are most suitable for you based on the findings from your examination.

Myotherapy treatments can help reduce pain, increase mobility and improve posture – all components essential for living an optimally comfortable life! After the initial consultation and assessment process is complete, each session will follow with a review of how you’ve been feeling since the last appointment. It’s important that you give honest feedback on any changes in mobility or flexibility so that the treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly. This is for you to get maximum benefit from each session going forward.


Myotherapy treatments are both safe and effective when administered correctly by experienced therapists. So if it’s your first time experiencing a myotherapy session don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice any concerns you have; after all, it is all about achieving optimal results!

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